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CLAT 2022 Final Day Instructions To Candidates By Success Mantra

Diksha Sharma 10 MINUTES

CLAT 2022 Admit Card out 



1. CLAT-2022 examination will be held on June 19, 2022. The duration of the test is two hours.

2. The candidates shall be permitted to enter into the premises of the respective Test Centres by 1:30 P.M. and allowed to leave the Test Centre only after the test is over.

3. The candidates shall not be permitted to enter into the examination hall after 2:15 P.M.


(i) 1.30 PM Long Bell - Entry of Candidates inside the Centre/Examination
(ii) 1.50 PM Short Bell - Distribution of transparent Sealed Envelopes
containing Question Booklets and OMR Response Sheets and announcement of important instructions by the Invigilators.
(iii) 2.00 PM Long Bell - Candidates open the Sealed Envelope/
Commencement of Test
(iv) 2.15 PM Short Bell - No candidate shall be allowed to enter the
Examination Hall after this Bell
(v) 3.00 PM Short Bell - One Hour Bell
(vi) 3.50 PM Short Bell - Warning Bell
(vii) 4.00 PM Long Bell - Completion of the Test (No candidate shall be
allowed to write anything on the OMR Response Sheet/Question Paper Booklet after this Bell)

5. Candidates are allowed to carry to the examination hall the following only:

1. Blue/Black Ball Pen
2. Admit Card
3. Any Photo I.D. Proof issued by the Government.
4. Transparent Water Bottle
5. Sanitizer, face shield, and hand gloves

6. The candidates are NOT permitted to carry cell phones or any other electronic gadgets. The staff on duty at the test centre shall not be responsible for any loss of property/gadgets of the candidates.

7. The candidates are required to put his/her signature and fill all the details such as Admit Card No., Question Paper Booklet No. on the front page of the OMR Response Sheet.

8. The candidates are required to check all the pages and questions in their question booklet before starting to write answers. If something is missing or not properly printed, or is damaged, request may be made to the Invigilator to give another Sealed Plastic Envelope containing new Question Booklet and OMR Response Sheet.

9. All questions shall be answered on OMR Response Sheet only. The method of marking the answers is illustrated below. Candidates are advised to go through the instructions given for marking the answers and other entries on the OMR Response Sheet thoroughly and observe the same.

10. As the OMR Response Sheet is carbonized, the candidates shall detach the second page (carbon copy) of OMR Response Sheet and keep it with them for reference along with used Question Booklet. The OMR Response Sheet (Original) shall be submitted to the Invigilator at the end of the test.

11. The OMR Response Sheet should be handled carefully by the candidates. Candidates are advised not to fold, wrinkle, or tear the response sheet under any circumstances. Further, the candidates are advised not to scribble or make any marks on the OMR Response Sheet except marking the answers at the appropriate places and filling up the details required. Any violation of these instructions will automatically lead to the invalidation of the OMR Response Sheet. Fill up information and darken all the Relevant Circles on the OMR Answer Sheet carefully.

12. Use Blue / Black BALLPOINT PEN only for darkening the circles as per the instructions contained in OMR Response Sheet and filling other information in OMR Response Sheet.


13. A second blank OMR Response Sheet will not be given. Only in exceptional cases, which are approved by the Observer, the entire Sealed Plastic Envelope containing OMR Response Sheets shall be replaced. Handle the OMR Response Sheet carefully.

14. At 04.00 p.m., the candidates shall stop writing and return the OMR Response Sheet to the Invigilator. It may be noted that carrying the OMR Response Sheet out of the Test Centre will lead to disqualification of the candidate. It is an offence and appropriate action shall be taken in accordance with law.

15. No clarifications shall be sought from anybody while the Test is going on.

16. Any candidate who is found either copying or receiving or giving assistance will be disqualified and it will be treated as malpractice and necessary action will be taken. Possession and use of incriminating material for the purpose of the test amounts to malpractice.

17. Questions which are not marked as per the instructions, will not be evaluated. Indicating any other marks or symbols or words on the answer sheets will result in disqualification.

18. The candidates may do their rough work, if any, on the space provided at the end of Question Booklet itself and not on the OMR Answer Sheet. No additional sheets of paper will be supplied for rough work.

19. There will be NEGATIVE MARKING of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.


Health and Safety of all stakeholders is of a paramount importance to Consortium of National Law Universities. It is also a collective responsibility of all stakeholders including the candidates writing the test on June 19, 2022. Therefore, Candidates shall:

1. Reach the test centre well in time to identify the Seating Place in the Seating Plan displayed and avoid crowding at a particular location at the test centre.

2. The centre staff will check the temperature of each candidate with Thermal Guns. If the temperature of any candidate exceeds exceeds 99.14° F, such candidate will be directed to be seated in a different room. Such candidate will not be permitted to leave the said room until all candidates have left the campus.

3. Any candidate who has been tested COVID-19 positive recently and are under medical surveillance or in isolation will not be permitted to take the CLAT-2022 examination scheduled on June 19, 2022.

4. Keep wearing the face mask/ shield etc… and take necessary precautions at all time in the Test Hall/ Classroom.

5. Use/keep Sanitizer safely and not spill it on the OMR Response Sheet and Question Booklet as there is a possibility of it getting blurred with the chemical liquid.

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