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CLAT Syllabus PDF

CLAT Syllabus PDF

Neelesh Singh 5 MIN

CLAT Syllabus PDF

Candidates can easily download CLAT Subjects PDF directly from the link given below. The PDF contains a detailed CLAT Syllabus for all the sections of UG.


Downloading the CLAT Syllabus PDF will provide a clear picture of the topics that are needed to be studied to ace this exam. Check the details related to  CLAT Syllabus in CLAT Syllabus PDF which will provide wide idea about each section of the CLAT Syllabus.

CLAT 2024: Section-wise Preparation Tips


The more you practice, the more equipped you are. Revision of areas you are weak in helps too. These techniques will help you in building accuracy and keep up with the time-bound exam.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Awareness plays a key role in this section. One must make his/ her habit of reading newspapers and watching the news daily. Basic knowledge of history, geography and science will be preferred as a great advantage. Free news portals including the Hindu is a sufficient source for current affairs.

Legal Reasoning

To ace CLAT2024, you must focus specifically on static and current legal issues, landmark judgments, and important cases from the last year. It helps significantly in understanding the passages faster. Read about all the new amendments and enactments done in both monsoon and winter sessions of the parliament along with recent contemporary issues. There might be questions in cases where you are not left with enough time to read and understand the passage. Having prior knowledge in such instances is of great help. Work on vocabulary comprising legal jargon, legal terms, foreign phrases, and maxims. Lookup for a term if you do not understand the meaning, and read it repeatedly.

English Language

It is necessary to read as much as possible. Reading the newspaper and practicing comprehension passages will increase your answering speed. Solve the previous year's question papers. Take online mock tests and check your performance.

Books for CLAT 2024 preparation

In order to prepare for any exam, books are the most reliable source. A plethora of books are available in the market for CLAT preparation. The Consortium also publishes various preparatory materials for the UG-CLAT 2024, including

  • Guides to the question paper and sample questions;
  • Model question papers; and
  • Instructional materials and exercises for each of the subjects that the UG-CLAT 2022 comprises.

In addition to these, we have suggested section-wise books that will make your CLAT preparation journey easier.