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Let’s explore all that you need to know about CLAT 2022, Success Mantra Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi

Let’s explore all that you need to know about CLAT 2023

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CLAT 2022 Notification Out


8 August, 2022

Applications Open

September, 2022

Release of First Sample Question Set

September, 2022

First Open Campus Visit day for registered candidates

14 October, 2022

Release of Second Sample Question Set

22 October, 2022

Second Open Campus Visit day for registered candidates

13 November, 2022

Last Date for receiving applications

October, 2022   

Release of Third Sample Question Set

18 December, 2022

CLAT 2023 Exam Date


CLAT 2022 Admit Card out 

Exam to be conducted on May 08, 2022 19th June, 2022 (CLAT-2022 is rescheduled to Sunday, 19th June, 2022 between 2 & 4 PM for both UG and PG programmes).

The last date for submission of CLAT-2022 online applications has been extended to 9th May, 2022.

Application forms to be released On January 01, 2022

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2022 application forms will be released on January 1 at its official website consortiumofnlus.ac.in . The last date to complete CLAT registration is March 31 9th May, 2022 while the CLAT 2022 exam will be held on May 8, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 19th June, 2022 between 2 & 4 PM in OFFLINE mode. CLAT is conducted for 5-year integrated LLB and LLM courses. The CLAT 2022 registration form will have to be submitted along with an application fee in online mode.

CLAT 2022 Examination Pattern

The Clat 2022 law entrance examination paper will be a comprehension passage based paper checking the aptitude of candidates for legal studies. In each passage, 5-8 multiple choice questions (MCQs) type questions will be asked. In CLAT LLB there will be 150 questions whereas in CLAT LLM there will be 100 MCQ type questions and 2 essay type questions.

The CLAT 2022 result will be declared around last week of June (tentative).

A total of 22 National Law Universities (NLU) consider the score of CLAT for aspiring law students for admissions into BA LLB, B Sc LLB, BBA LLB, B Com LLB, BSW LLB, and LLM. NLU offer 2,538 seats in LLB course and 742 seats in LLM course.

Exam pattern of CLAT 2022 UG

Duration of the CLAT: The duration of the test is 2 hours (120 minutes).
Number of questions in CLAT: There are 150 questions in the exam.
Type of Questions in CLAT: The question paper of CLAT contains Multiple Choice Questions
Marking Scheme in CLAT: Add 1 mark for each correct answer and deduct 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.


The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national level entrance exam for admissions to undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities around the country.
CLAT is organized by the Consortium of National Law Universities consisting of the representative universities.

CLAT Syllabus 2022 is released by the Consortium of National Law Universities on their official website, www.consortiumofnlus.ac.in . It is important to go through the syllabus and previous year papers properly as it specifies the important topics from which questions are framed in the examination.

CLAT Syllabus 2022

The Consortium of National Law Universities have not yet released any new CLAT syllabus for 2022 exam. However, it is expected that the syllabus will remain similar to CLAT 2020.
Let us be acquainted with UG Syllabus. In the UG syllabus, the topics under English language, current affairs including general knowledge, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and quantitative techniques are listed.

CLAT 2022 Syllabus for UG Programme

CLAT 2022 UG Syllabus consists of five main subjects. Check the CLAT UG syllabus given below.

Introduction and Overview

  • The UG-CLAT 2022 would focus on evaluating the comprehension and reasoning skills and abilities of candidates. Overall, it is designed to be a test of aptitude and skills that are necessary for a legal education rather than prior knowledge, though prior knowledge occasionally may be useful to respond to questions in the Current Affairs section.
  • The UG-CLAT 2022 shall be a 2-hour test, with 150 multiple-choice questions carrying 1 mark each. There shall be negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer. These questions would be divided across the following 5 subjects:
  • English Language
  • Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques

English Language

  • In this section of the UG-CLAT 2022, you will be provided passages of about 450 words each. These passages will be derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing, and would be of a standard that a 12th standard student may be able to read in about 5-7 minutes.
  • Each passage will be followed by a series of questions that will require you to demonstrate your comprehension and language skills, including your abilities to:
  • Read and comprehend the main point discussed in the passage, as well as any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage;
  • Draw inferences and conclusions based on the passage;
  • Summarise the passage;
  • Compare and contrast the different arguments or viewpoints set out in the passage; and
  • Understand the meaning of various words and phrases used in the passage.

Current Affairs Including General Knowledge

  • In this section, you will be provided passages of up to 450 words each. The passages will be derived from news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction writing. The questions may include an examination of legal information or knowledge discussed in or related to the passage, but would not require any additional knowledge of the law beyond the passage.
  • Each passage will be followed by a series of questions that will require you to demonstrate your awareness of various aspects of current affairs and general knowledge, including:
  • Contemporary events of significance from India and the world;
  • Arts and culture;
  • International affairs; and
  • Historical events of continuing significance.

Legal Reasoning

  • In this section, you will be expected to read passages of around 450 words each. The passages may relate to fact situations or scenarios involving legal matters, public policy questions or moral philosophical enquiries. You will not require any prior knowledge of law. You will benefit from a general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues to better apply general principles or propositions to the given fact scenarios.
  • Each passage would be followed by a series of questions that will require you to:
  • Identify and infer the rules and principles set out in the passage;
  • Apply such rules and principles to various fact situations; and
  • Understand how changes to the rules or principles may alter their application to various fact situations.

Logical Reasoning

  • The Logical Reasoning section of the UG-CLAT 2022 will include a series of short passages of about 300 words each. Each passage will be followed by one or more questions that will require you to:
  • Recognize an argument, its premises and conclusions;
  • Read and identify the arguments set out in the passage;
  • Critically analyse patterns of reasoning, and assess how conclusions may depend on particular premises or evidence;
  • Infer what follows from the passage and apply these inferences to new situations;
  • Draw relationships and analogies, identify contradictions and equivalence, and assess the effectiveness of arguments.

Quantitative Techniques

  • The Quantitative Techniques section of the UG-CLAT 2022 will include short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions. You will be required to derive information from such passages, graphs, or other representations, and apply mathematical operations on such information.
  • The questions will require you to:
  • Derive, infer, and manipulate numerical information set out in such passages, graphs, or other representations; and
  • Apply various 10th standard mathematical operations on such information, including from areas such as ratios and proportions, basic algebra, mensuration and statistical estimation.

CLAT 2022 Mock Tests

Success Mantra is providing CLAT MOCK TESTS for preparation.

Mock tests are one of the essential components for cracking entrance exam. It is somewhere similar to the exam that you write on the final day. Similar in terms of atmosphere, platform and question paper. Mock tests are important practice material to get acquainted with the pattern of questions asked in the CLAT. Time should be managed while solving mock test. Unlike most entrance examinations that consist of a set of MCQs, CLAT paper consists of passage based question series. Through mock tests one can improve their accuracy, learn time management and figure out the best strategy for themselves. Everybody has different strategies. Mock tests also help to analyze the relation between time devoted and section/topic i.e. to which section one have to give how much time. So the number of mock tests one will appear, they will come to know which strategy is best for them. And, can implicate the same strategy on the final day.

Candidates taking the test have to clear the test by answering the questions in close context of the understanding of contemporary law.

www.easevidya.com is all set to accompany you to your final preparation.

The focal mechanism is, after attempting the mock test one should analyze that mock test. Judge that in which section/topic mistakes are more and as per your judgment you are weak in which particular section. If it will take 2 hour to give mock test than give 3-4 hours to analyze it. See how many questions came from particular sections and how many questions are right and wrong. Study for that section again in which you are weak. This will help you to improve. Sometimes questions do get repeat from mock tests and previous year papers. So on exam day, it will save your time as you must be knowing the answer. After analyzing the mock test attempt it again and realize the difference.

Important Books for CLAT 2022




CLAT is the national entrance to get through to the prestigious law colleges of the country. It is one of the important milestones in the journey of becoming a successful lawyer. However, the journey to achieve this milestone is not a smooth one and has its own ups and downs. As quoted above, it isn’t an easy journey but there are some qualities in an individual that can make this journey easier and a great learning experience for them. It is not necessary that these qualities will be innate in an individual as these may have to be acquired over a period of time. Let’s discuss these one by one:

CONSISTENCY - This is one quality that often makes an average or weak student achieve his target or goals. You must have heard of the famous age old saying-‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ The famous story of tortoise and rabbit sums this trait in all. It is important for a student to be regular in the class and with his studies. Doing small amount of learning on a daily basis is not tough. However, keeping the same for the last minute definitely adds on to the pressure. Make sure that you are regular to the class.

DISCIPLINE - This is one quality that is seriously lacking in today’s youngsters. This basically emphasizes on developing a routine and then following it religiously. This routine needs to be clearly demarcated in the terms of hours allotted to studies, work, play and hobbies. A daily routine also helps in building the consistency of an individual.

ACCEPTING FAILURES - Everyone has bad days. It is not possible to be at your best on a daily basis. There will be certain failures that you need to encounter in life. These failures should be the bungee bags that provide you the strength and power to bounce back after a failure. No failure can be strong enough to put a stop to your journey and weaken your will power to achieve your goals.

ANALYTICAL THINKING - You need to develop the art of crucially examining the situations and analyzing them carefully before arriving at any conclusion. The art of thinking rationally is one big asset that a lawyer needs to start nurturing right from the beginning of his journey.

SELF-CONFIDENCE - True Knowledge enlightens an individual and it is this knowledge that provides a strong foundation to an individual. Ultimately, this strong foundation leads to building of a self-confident individual. This is one of the most important qualities that a person needs to imbibe because this is one quality that will actually help an individual to sail through the journey easily.

SELF ACTUALIZATION - One needs to be aware of his abilities, strength and weakness. The person who has developed the art of self-actualization is clear about his shortcomings and knows the area that one needs to focus upon. For this, a person needs to be receptive to criticism and failures. These help the person to understand what went wrong, where it went wrong and how could it have been prevented.

CLEARLY DEFINED GOALS - The goals need to be precise, clearly defined and achievable. Learn to set short targets such as achieving a good score in the weekly tests. Once you achieve these small targets, achieving the bigger goal, which is definitely cracking the CLAT entrance seems workable.

RESPECT YOUR TEACHERS - Students need to understand the value of good teachers in their journey. It is their teachers who make the difficult and boring subjects easy and understandable. They need to acknowledge and value their efforts.

DEVELOP A HOBBY - Amidst all the stress and cacophony of the exam preparation, make sure that you develop one hobby that becomes your best friend in this journey. It could be anything like playing chess, cooking food, playing guitar etc. These hobbies will become great stress buster during the times when stress is at its peak.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH - You must have heard your elders often saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. During the preparation of an entrance, one needs to take utmost care of their health. Try developing healthy eating and sleeping habits. Refrain from mobiles as these are big distracters. Avoid Junk food and resort to something that is fresh and home cooked.

These were some simple and handy tips that will make your journey productive. Try incorporating these one by one in your daily schedule and you will definitely see visible and quantifiable results in your preparation. We have contributed our bit in your journey by sharing our experience in the form of these ingredients and now it is your turn to implement them in your life. Always remember that more than the destination; it is the journey that counts.

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CLAT 2023

CLAT 2023 Application Form Filling - Step by Step Process | CLAT 2023 form fill up | Success Mantra


Through this video you will get to know about:

  1. What CLAT exam is about?
  2. Eligibility criteria?
  3. Documents to be uploaded
  4. Procedure of form filling.