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How to prepare for CLAT in 60 days? Know exam approach and much more.

60 Days Preparation Strategy of CLAT AILET | Know exam approach and much more.

Diksha Sharma 5 MINUTES

How to prepare for CLAT in 60 days? Know exam approach and much more.


It is significantly important to identify what has to be addressed in this span of 60 days. This will help you easily accomplish your goals. This has to be done with a proper study schedule and a smart approach. It ought to include a subject-by-subject breakdown of the different chapters depending on the usefulness of each topic for the exam. This will be an effective use of time and will help in CLAT preparation.

When rereading the chapters, just go over the previously studied material. It will help you remember them longer. Students that use a comprehensive preparation method will get better outcomes.

Divide the remaining preparation approach into three parts of 20 days each to guarantee that the full syllabus is covered with adequate coaching.


STAGE 1 (19 October 2022 - 07 November 2022) - For revision, the first twenty days are important, and they must be used carefully. Subject specialists will be helping in creating a subject-by-subject framework that identifies all significant chapters. You will be able to better understand the subjects and fill in any gaps in knowledge as a byproduct of something like this. Time management throughout this period must be implemented.

STAGE 2 (08 November 2022 - 27 November 2022) - Students taking school-board exams should also take CLAT-style mock tests to make the most of their time. To prevent a recurrence of errors in the actual CLAT, each paper must be carefully reviewed for errors.

STAGE 3 (28 November 2022 - 17 December 2022) - To meet CLAT and AILET requirements, the time should be allocated wisely, topic by topic. Make a revising approach that includes concept-by-concept/chapter-by-chapter testing and many mock tests from trustworthy sources that support the current CLAT & AILET pattern.