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Guidelines for New Offline Batches of SM 2021

Guidelines for New Offline Batches of SM 2021

Diksha Sharma 10 MINUTES

General COVID-19 Government Guidelines which shall be followed:

1. Temperature of students as well as staff members will be checked before entering the premises of the institute.
2. All classrooms, washrooms, alleyways including infrastructure will be sanitized after class conduction.
3. Hand sanitizers will be easily made available to students and staff members.
4. Students and Staff Members will wear masks at all times.
5. Attendance of all students will be desirable but not mandatory.

Guidelines for New Offline Batches of LAW 2021

COVID-19 Government Guidelines for students:

1. Students must submit a written consent signed by parents.
2. Students attending physical classes are required to keep a distance of 6 feet among themselves.
3. Students can come to Institute only on defined days.
4. If any student or their family members are found to be COVID positive then they have to complete a quarantine period of 7 days after being tested negative.
5. Students must keep Bluetooth on their devices ON with the Aarogya Setu app installed.
6. Students must wear their masks at all times.
7. Spitting anywhere is strictly prohibited.

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines by SUCCESS MANTRA for students:

1. Students must follow the entry and exit plan dictated by the staff members.
2. Students must bring their own water bottles.
3. Students must follow the required safety guidelines during class breaks.
4. Students can only come to the classroom if they are not having any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
5. Students can bring their own hand sanitizers and should sanitize their hands after touching desks/benches and other infrastructure.

 If a student fails to follow any of these guidelines, he /she might be barred from attending offline classes.
 There can be addition/modification in these guidelines as per Govt orders and as per institute requirements.

Guidelines for New Offline Batches of LAW 2021