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Diksha Verma 5 MINUTES


Greetings from Success Mantra GTB Nagar!

Success Mantra - GTB Nagar (www.successmantra.in) organized an Article Writing Combat - 2021 to celebrate 'Shikshak Parv - 2021'.

Now a good news for you, After taking the micro analysis of all your articles, our judges had decided the final result.

Rank 1 : Kanika Jain
Rank 2 : Charu Kohli
Rank 3 : Diksha Verma

Thank you so much to all of you for participating in this memorable event. We will organize more interesting events in future.

Success Mantra GTB Nagar



By Diksha Verma

It has been rightly said that a teacher doesn’t teach books but life. That a teacher can change who you are, what you are and what you become. A teacher is itself a remarkably powerful thing that not everyone can handle this responsibility. A teacher is the root of development, as we all know we come in this world full of happiness without knowing the real meaning of happiness but what makes us understand it is a teacher, someone who teaches you, who answers your questions that you are too hesitant to ask. A teacher who paints the child’s experiences in a fantasy, who makes them aware of what they truly are, who tells them that knowledge is love and light and vision. As the most important day of a student’s life is the one on which they meet their teacher. The day when there shall be no room for darkness of what is unknown but the light of knowledge. Every student remembers their first day of school where one comes across their teachers, friends, supervisors. Even though my first day of school was great, there was a teacher of mine that used to teach us literature, the most crucial thing about her teaching was that she never dismissed us, she always answered our questions and her patience and politeness still sticks with me to this day. It shaped me in a way like a river shapes a rock. Everyone needs an outstanding teacher like Anne Sullivan in their life. It was her and Helen Keller’s uncommon relationship that made Helen write an amazing and world’s best selling autobiography. It was a teacher that made Helen realise that if it’s a million to one she is going to be that one, if it’s a shot in the dark she is going to be the sun. And we all know the famous story of Bill Gates and his teacher Mrs. Caffiere. Bill Gates who is today an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist was a typical nerdy and introvert who always did his best to keep to himself. He had some big deficits, like dysgraphia and comically messy desk, he used to hide the things that he liked to read. But it was Mrs. Caffiere who took him under her wing and helped him out. She pulled him out of his shell by sharing her love for books, she genuinely listened to what he had to say. It was Bill’s two great drama and maths teachers that shaped him to be a great philanthropist and to be remarkably humble and a kind person. Even Bill Clinton, who served as the 42nd president of the United States of America, is not just a good leader but also has an artistic side to him. Bill Clinton is also a saxophone player for which he thanks his high school band director Virgil Spurlin who instilled the confidence in him to achieve what he wants if he learns to run and organise things. We all have heard of Chandra Gupta Murya the founder of the Mauryan Empire in ancient India. He built one of the largest empires on the Indian subcontinent but do you know the real hands and mind behind him, his name is Acharya Chanakya the mastermind behind the Mauryan Empire, an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. Author of the world’s greatest book Arthashastra, an ancient political treatise, he is considered the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India, and his work is thought of as an important precursor to classical economics. Chanakya who proved to be one of the greatest teachers that he believed in Chandra Gupta he guided him showed him the real meaning of truth and freedom, who played a pivotal role in constructing and making Chandra Gupta, a great ruler to be remembered.

During the Corona virus outbreak while all the schools, colleges and other educational institutions were shut it was our teachers that came forward to provide us education even in the pandemic. While we all were surrounded with negativity and hopelessness our teachers gave us hope and positivity. They came forward on an online platform to educate us to make sure that nobody feels left alone or devoid of education. It was our teacher's true dedication that made the situation easy. Even students were unable to go to school or colleges but it never felt like that as a teacher was always there to guide us to, to listen to us, to answer and to open doors for our imaginations and dreams to made us realise that pen is mightier than a sword, who through knowledge, patience and love gave us a strong shape and ray of hope while sitting in our own houses. While we were apart it always felt like we were a part.

A teacher plays a cardinal and predominant role in making us what we are, who we are today. They made us explore the world, made us see things in a different manner, and always welcome our curious minds. A teacher is truly the root of development, a beautiful gift given by god to every student. The greatest thing about a teacher is whenever a student feels like drowning, whenever one is in despair they can always look up to their teacher who always has your back.

One of the world’s greatest and most respected profession is a teacher, the doctors you go to for your treatment are also students of some great teachers, the Engineers who built our nation were sitting in a school somebody getting their lectures from a teacher, A lawyer or a judge that you visit to provide you justice were someday taking classes from their law professors, a child’s first alphabet to a complete sentence is taught by a teacher. Neeraj Chopra who won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics did this because his coaches Klaus and Uwe Hohn believed in him and guided him. And today if i am writing this it is because of my teachers who always inspired me, believed in me and told me that i can do it.
Hence, a teacher is indeed the root of development and a profession that deserves the highest respect and someone who’s debts one can never pay back.

Teacher(Guru) is the creator, Teacher(Guru)n is the preserver, Guru is destroyer, Guru is the absolute Lord himself, Salutations to that Sri Guru.

‘ Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshaat Para Brahma, Tasmai Shri gurave Namaha’