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10 Reasons to do BJMC, Read daily Article Editorials only on Success Mantra Blog

10 Reasons to do BJMC


BJMC is a Good Career Option

Making a career in journalism is quite challenging but paves the way for a bright future ahead. The glamorous field allows you to grab major roles in media. If you love to share ideas and thoughts and are interested in learning about the latest developments in the media field, you should rather do BJMC( Bachelors in Journalism and mass communication).

Why should you do BJMC?

  1. Express your thoughts freely

The media field allows you to express  thoughts among masses. If you are interested in researching social, economic and political issues and communicate the same among masses, the BJMC is the right course for you.

  1. Lucrative Salary Packages

The glamorous field offers you attractive packages. You can earn a hefty amount if you complete the BJMC Course.

  1. Wide No of Opportunities your way

Once you complete the BJMC Course, you have a wide number of opportunities your way. Media field is a vast field and offers you a variety of roles like journalist, photojournalist, food journalist, featured/ freelance content writer, Tv Correspondent, Rajio Jockey and much more.

  1. Interesting and challenging profession

You need to get a lot done in the profession. You may be required to travel to various places, interview people, research facts, develop public relations, report and edit the content as per requirement. The job leaves no room for boredom and there is a lot to be accomplished.

  1. Easy Promotions

The job is financially rewarding and has alluring prospects.

  1. Creativity at the best

You can pen down your thoughts at your liberty and have the opportunity to communicate them freely.

  1. International Exposure

After doing the BJMC Course you can avail jobs abroad as well.

  1. Opportunity to meet New People

The media field is full of surprises. After completing the BJMC course, you have opportunities to meet new people and expand your network. Your social life is a big boost.

  1. Get to enjoy

The field is not boring as it has a lot of entertainment. You will get to enjoy it a lot.

  1. No experience/ less Experience

Just after pursuing the course, you have a lot coming your way. You do not require much experience to establish yourself in this field.