Current Affair (1 April)

1. Where did 16th meeting of the U.S. India Counter terrorism Joint Working Group held?
a) Kolkata,West Bengal
b) Washington, DC, US
c) Mumbai,Maharashtra
d) California,US

2. UN Security Council passed a new Resolution 2462 in order to combat which of the following issue?
a) Nuclear proliferation
b) Climate change
c) Terror financing
d) Global warming

3. European Parliament has banned the single-us plastic,which will be effective from _______ year?
a) 2021
b) 2020
c) 2022
d) 2019

4. What is the Current account deficit (CAD) of India in the 3rd quarter of the year 2019?
a) 2.1% of GDP
b) 2.5% of GDP
c) 2.3% of GDP
d) 2.9% of GDP

5. Name the Actress,Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awardee,who will be honoured with Career Achievement Award at the 2019 Peabody Awards.
a) Taylor Swift
b) Ariana Grande
c) Lady Gaga
d) Rita Moreno

6. Name the Howitzers guns inducted into Indian Army recently.
a) Dhanush
b) Panter
c) M102 howitzer
d) BL 9.2-inch howitzer

7. Where did the second joint logistics node of tri-services become operational?
a) Chennai,TamilNadu
b) Mumbai, Maharashtra
c) Guwahati,Assam
d) Bengaluru,Karnataka

8. Which two countries signed Statement of Guiding Principles (SGP) on triangular cooperation for global development in Asia and Africa?
a) Russia and US
b) India and China
c) India and US
d) China and Japan

9. Which two countries has signed an agreement to enrich military relations?
a) United States and Canada
b) United States and Russia
c) United States and Mexico
d) United States and Oman

10. Which city hosted the 16th meeting of the Canada-India Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism and its Expert Sub-group?
a) Toronto,Canada
b) Mumbai,India
c) Ottawa,Canada
d) Kolkata,India