MCQ based Questions SMMCQ020

Directions (Q. No. 1-7) : In questions , sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternatives out of the four:

1. Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is going to initiate the Asiatic Lion Census in May 2020. What is the IUCN status of the Asiatic Lions?

[A] Endangered
[B] Critically Endangered
[C] Vulnerable
[D] Near threatened

Correct Answer: A [Endangered]

Asiatic Lions are listed as an endangered species by the IUCN. They are currently confined to the Gir National Park. These lions are one among the 5 Pantherine cats living in India. Other Pantherine cats include Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Indian Leopard and Clouded Leopard.

2. Bhitarkanika National Park, sometimes seen in news is situated in which Indian state?

[A] Odisha
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Himachal Pradesh
[D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer: A [Odisha]

The Ramsar site – designated Bhitarkanika National Park is located in Odisha’s Kendrapara District. It is seen in news recently as the annual census of estuarine crocodiles was conducted in the national park. As per the census, there are 1,757 estuarine or salt water crocodiles in the park, 15 more than the previous year count. The national park is also a mangrove ecosystem and is home to several flora and fauna in addition to crocodiles.

3.According to the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD’s) Statement on Climate of India During 2019 report, Arabian Sea on India’s west coast saw a 400% rise in cyclones, a record that is repeated only after 1902. Which five cyclones hit Arabian Sea in 2019?

[A] Vayu, Pabuk, Kyarr, Bulbul and Pavan
[B] Vayu, Pabuk, Kyarr, Bulbul and Fani
[C] Pabuk,Vayu, Kyarr, Bulbul and Fani
[D] Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr, Maha and Pavan

Correct Answer: D [ Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr, Maha and Pavan ]

According to the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD’s) Statement on Climate of India During 2019 report, the number of cyclones in the Arabian Sea was 400% higher than normal frequency because five out of eight cyclones affected Arabian Sea. These give cyclones were Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr, Maha and Pavan. This after the sea on India’s west coast normally undergoes only one cyclone annually — read a 400% rise. (India normally has five cyclones in total every year.) However, the Bay of Bengal — usually the more cyclone-prone coast of India — was relatively subdued in 2019 with three (Pabuk, Fani, Bulbul) instead of four cyclones that occur there annually on an average.

4.Which is the first Indian state to sign an MoU with IUCN to prepare a red-list assessment of Orchids?

[A] Sikkim
[B] West Bengal
[C] Assam
[D] Arunachal Pradesh

Correct Answer: D [Arunachal Pradesh]

Arunachal Pradesh inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), to prepare a red-list assessment of Orchids. With this agreement, Arunachal Pradesh becomes the first Indian state to prepare such an assessment. The IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species is a critical indicator of the health of biodiversity of the world.
The Botanical Survey of India recently conducted the first comprehensive census of orchids of India. As per the census, the total number of orchid species in India is 1,256. The highest number of orchid species is recorded from Arunachal Pradesh with 612 species, followed by Sikkim and West Bengal.

5.Which major tech-company recently announced that it has planned to cut more than half of carbon emissions across its supply chain, by 2030?

[A] Google
[B] Microsoft
[C] Infosys

Correct Answer: B [Microsoft]

The Chief Executive of Microsoft Corporation, Satya Nadella recently announced that the company has set a new ambition to address climate change and promised to remove the carbon emissions the company has made.
Microsoft has planned to cut more than half of carbon emissions across its supply chain by 2030. The plan also includes the creation of a “Climate Innovation Fund,” which will invest $1 billion for developing technologies to remove carbon. The company aims to remove the entire direct and indirect carbon emissions it had made since 1975 (founding year of Microsoft), by 2050., a platform to support and conserve 1 trillion trees around the world, was recently convened by which international organisation?

[A] World Wide Fund for Nature
[B] World Environment Federation
[C] World Economic Forum
[D] Food and Agricultural Organisation

Correct Answer: C [World Economic Forum]

During the 50th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 recently being held at Davos, WEF along with its partners launched a platform called, to support and conserve 1 trillion trees around the world. The plan was announced by the Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF, Klaus Schwab.
The United States also joined the scheme, which is a major initiative to restore the planet and tackle climate crises. The initiative will also support other initiatives and organisations which work to conserve and restore forests. It unifies the platform and provide political support and helps in mobilising funds.

7. The Mauna Kea volcano, which was seen in news regarding the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT), is situated in which country?

[A] Indonesia
[B] Papua New Guinea
[C] Philippines
[D] Hawaii

Correct Answer: D [Hawaii]

The Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) will become one of the world’s largest general-purpose observatories, once it is constructed. The proposed site for its location is over the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii islands, which is a sacred place for the island’s locals. Several protests are being witnessed demanding to shift the construction of the observatory to some other place.
India is also a member of the collaboration of the research institutions and governments and has committed 10 % of the project resources. India recently announced that it would like the project to move to an alternate and appropriate place.