MCQ based Questions SMMCQ030

MCQ based Questions SMMCQ030

Right to privacy is a ………

    1. Part of personal liberty
    2. Right to be let alone
    3. Fundamental right
    4. All of the above

Right to freedom is mentioned in:

    1. Article(19-22)
    2. Article(19-23)
    3. Article(19-24)
    4. Article(19-21)

The security of state is mentioned in:

    1. Article 19(1)g
    2. Article 19(1)a
    3. Article 19(1)b
    4. Article 19(1)c

Which of following was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the ‘heart and soul of the constitution of India’?

    1. Freedom of Religion
    2. Right to Constitutionally Remedies
    3. Right to equality
    4. Right to move through the territory of India

Under the Constitution of India the official language of the Union is:

    1. Hindi in Devnagari Script
    2. English & Hindi
    3. English
    4. Hindi

Who was the head of ‘Provincial Constitution Committee’?

    1. Jawahar Lal Nehru
    2. R. Ambedkar
    3. Vallabh Bhai Patel
    4. M. Munshi

Who was the finance minister in first cabinet?

    1. Jagjivan Ram
    2. H. Bhabha
    3. John Mathai
    4. K. Shanmugham Chetty

‘No person shall be deprived to his life and personal liberty’ mentioned in :

    1. Article 24
    2. Article 21
    3. Article 23
    4. Article 20