Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ023

Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ023

1. This is a _______ on his character.

a) Blot
b) blur
c) slur
d) spot

2. This is a good _______ for a picnic.

a) Plot
b) spot
c) scene
d) landscape

3. The _______ of the state is efficient.

a) Administration
b) democracy
c) policy
d) autocracy

4. The _______ of private limited companies is in the hands of its directors.

a) Managers
b) administrators
c) management
d) Department

5. Ram the prince of Ayodhya _______ his siblings.

a) Adorned
b) adored
c) vitiated
d) Endangered

6. The Christmas tree was _______ with stars and other decorative items.

a) Adorned
b) endowed
c) encased
d) Enticed

7. There is no place for _______ in an accountant’s job.

a) Assets
b) asserts
c) errors
d) duffers

8. A wise person is one who learns from his _______

a) Errors
b) mistakes
c) falsities
d) Lies

9. Many companies ask their employees to sign a _______ of secrecy.

a) Agreement
b) bond
c) bondage
d) Espionage

10. Slaves were freed from _______ only after they died.

a) adlution
b) pilferage
c) agreement
d) Bondage

11. Before the _______ of the Europeans in India, India was a free country.

a) Entry
b) amalgamation
c) emigration
d) Advent

12. Duryodhana was the main _______ of the Pandavas.

a) Enmity
b) adversary
c) effrontery
d) Adversity

13. Gandhi _______ the cause of the untouchables.

a) Blessed
b) held
c) advocated
d) Argued

14. All citizens should be ready to _______ their country.

a) Defend
b) uphold
c) nurture
d) Assert

15. Smiling _______ health.

a) Effects
b) kills
c) affects
d) Rejects

Correct Answers:

1. Option C
2. Option B
3. Option A
4. Option C
5. Option B
6. Option A
7. Option C
8. Option B
9. Option B
10. Option D
11. Option D
12. Option B
13. Option C
14. Option A
15. Option C