Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ031

Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ031

Directions (01- 05): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

It was an ordinary afternoon of summer vacation and I vividly remember how desperately I looked forward to a game of cricket in the evening. As the afternoon came to a close, my mother succumbed to her habit of assiduously giving me sceptical glances as if to remind me of my indifference to studies, which I shamelessly ignored.
Such was the excitement that I visibly struggled to control my urge of going out and smacking the ball for a six and taking my team home single-handedly. In my head, I was hitting the bowlers all around the park with ease, and toppling opposition teams while everyone clapped in awe of my triumphant ways.
Amidst my daydreams, a friend called Sumit, half-seated on his bicycle, gave me a holler from outside my house and a big smile flitted across my face. I sprang on my feet, almost immediately, raring to go. While riding on his bike, I was backing myself to execute everything I had rehearsed in my imagination.
Upon reaching the ground, which was no more than a 10-minute walk from my house, I was amazed at the expanse and vastness of the playing field. The sight never failed to astound me but it was drizzling that day and the beauty and greenery of the lush ground, which had somehow managed to survive and thrive for nearly half a century, took my breath away in one swoop.What added to its beauty was the Ganges river that meandered its way just few metres across the ground, its shade changing and forming sun glitter that lit up everyone’s eyes. And the occasional ripples caused by flying birds despite the slowness of the flow in the evening.
I auspiciously liked to do some charity at the start of play. Hence, an old dog named ‘Siddhi’ would come trudging towards me, his tail wagging, and I would feed him biscuits and bread I had previously stuffed in my trouser pockets.
Players were divided between two teams and mine was put to bat first after winning the toss. The bowler, Pankaj, who was also my classmate stood still at the bowling end, waiting for me to settle down. I held the grip of the bat firmly and decided to stand outside the crease and take him on. I had rehearsed in my mind all day on how to go about the innings and I was ready to hit the ball hard. Pankaj was a lanky, strong bloke. He looked fearsome while taking the stride, got good bounce off the pitch but lacked pace.
He came charging towards me and bowled really fast. I saw the ball and swung my bat furiously only to find myself enveloped in darkness. I woke up in the hospital and the pain made me realise I was struck hard on the neck.

1. What is the meaning of the word meandered?

(a) Follow a path
(b) Roam around
(c) Walk aimlessly
(d) Take a stroll

2. What is the meaning of the word raring?

(a) Lazily
(b) Eager
(c) Angrily
(d) None of these

3. From which stage of the author's can we logically deduce the incident described has been taken?

(a) Kindergarten / Montessori / Pre-primary
(b) Secondary / middle or senior school
(c) University
(d)working professional

4. Why did the author say that she auspiciously liked to do charity at the start of play?

(a) Because her mother had asked her to
(b) She liked dogs
(c) She believed that this would bring good luck for her team
(d) She had biscuits which she did not want to eat

5. Why did the author’s mother look at her grudgingly as she left the house to play?

(a) She did not want her to mingle with colony boys
(b) She was already angry at her daughter
(c) She wanted her daughter to spend more time on her studies
(d) She didn’t like cricket

Correct Answers :

1. A
2. A
3. A
4. C
5. A