Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ039

Passage based Questions on English Language SMENQ039

Directions (1 - 5): Each of the following sentences is divided in to four parts. Any of the parts may contain an error. Select the part that has an error.

1. Looking back I find that (a)/ among the many renditions of the Indians (b)/ engrossed while I lived among them are (c)/ their respect for great men and women (d).

Answer: c)

Explanation: The verb should be ‘is’ because it refers to one impression.


2. Her mother died (a)/ of influenza but her father (b)/ also though very weak, (c)/ is out of danger (d).

Answer: c)

Explanation: The word ‘also’ should be deleted because it would mean that he also died.

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3. If I am you (a)/ I would have seen (b)/ to it that (c)/ I won the lottery (d).

Answer: a)

Explanation: It should be “if I were you” because for an impossible wish, ‘were’ should be used.


4. To expedite exports and enhance sales (a)/ in the indigenous market some (b)/ of the improvised fabrics and garments fabricated out from them (c)/ are displayed in the main dome (d).

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “out from” by ‘with’.


5. He could not (a)/ convince them because (b)/ they persisted to suggest (c)/ that he was lying (d).

Answer: c)

Explanation: It should be “persisted in suggesting”.


Directions (6 - 10): The following questions have an incomplete sentence followed by four phrases that can complete the sentence. Choose the phrase that can complete the sentence meaningfully in all contexts.

6. Law ministry _____________ that only social equality can empower women safety in the country.

a) is believed by the opinion

b) Applies the opinion

c) Is of the opinion

d) Abides the opinion

Answer: c)

Explanation: The suitable phrase should be ‘is of the opinion’, which means a belief or conclusion held with confidence; and is grammatically correct also.


7. The finance minister _________________ the challenges faced by the country’s agricultural sector.

a) Dwell at length

b) Dwelt at length

c) Dwelling upon at length

d) Dwelled on length

Answer: b)

Explanation: The suitable phrase should be ‘dwelt at length’, which means to exist or continue in a given condition or state; and is grammatically correct also.


8. Banks can now ___________ their loans taken from International organizations.

a) Lend farmers to repay

b) Will be lending farmers

c) Lent farmers to repay

d) Have farmers lent

Answer: a)

Explanation: The suitable phrase should be ‘lend farmers to repay’, as it is grammatically correct also.


9. The industries cater to whatever is called ___________________

a) The idiosyncrasies with foreign collaborators

b) The idiosyncrasies by foreign collaborators

c) The idiosyncrasies of foreign collaborators

d) Idiosyncratic to be with the foreign collaborators

Answer: c)