Passage based Questions on General Knowledge and Current affairs SMGKQ044

Passage based Questions on General Knowledge and Current affairs SMGKQ044

The Supreme Court on Wednesday put on hold the further dismantling of (1) by the Indian Navy following a plea by a Thane-based group which wants to buy it and convert it into a maritime museum.
Issuing notice on the petition filed by (2) through its directors Vishnukant Sharma and Rupali Vishnukant Sharma, a bench headed by Chief Justice of India ordered, “In the meantime, parties are directed to maintain status quo with regard to dismantling/breaking of the subject-ship, as on date.”
The group had earlier approached the Bombay High Court with its request. The High Court asked the Defence Ministry to take a decision on their representation for a No Objection Certificate from the government to acquire it. The ministry, however, rejected their request for NOC, following which the group approached the Supreme Court.
Mukesh Patel, the chairman of Shree Ram Group, which has been dismantling the subject at Alang shipbreaking yard in Gujarat since December 1, said, “We are yet to get a formal notice or message from the court seeking stoppage of dismantling activity. In absence of any formal order, we continue to break the vessel.”
He added that a sizable portion of the subject has been dismantled, including the flight deck, ski jump and the accommodations meant for sailors. “Roughly, we have broken 40 per cent of the subject,” he said. Before the breaking process began, manholes were also drilled into different parts of the vessel to allow passage of air and light in order for workers to cut the vessel with gas torches.
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Q. 1. What is the name of the subject to which the Hon’ble Supreme Court has recently hold the dismantling, that should be replaced with (1)?

● INS Vikrant
● INS Vikramaditya
● INS Viraat
● INS Chakra

Q. 2. The Petition filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court by the Bench was headed by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India. What is the name of the present Chief Justice of India?

● Justice Deepak Mishra
● Justice S.A. Bobde
● Justice Ranjan Gogoi
● Justice H.J. Kania

Q. 3. The group rigorously tried to stop the dismantling of the INS and in this regard first approach the Hon’ble High Court and then approached the Hon’ble apex court where the justice meets its ends. In light of the above statements and above passage consider the following statements about the INS subject and decide which of the following are correct:

1. The warship was decommissioned by the members of the Indian Navy in 2017 after the warship being served the nation for a period 30 years.
2. The iconic aircraft carrier originally entered into service with the Royal British Navy as HMS Service.
3. INS is a centaur class aircraft carries and is the only of such kind which take part in the MALABAR Exercise with the U.S. Navy.
Choose the right option:

● Only 1 and 2
● Only 2 and 3
● Only 1 and 3
● All of the above

Q. 4. In a petition filed by the (2), the Hon’ble apex court issued notice directing status quo with regard to the dismantling of the INS, what should be replaced with (2)?

● M/s Envitech Marine Consultants Private Limited
● M/s Marine Marketing Services
● Reliance
● Bharati Shipyard Limited

Q. 5. Which of the following statements are not true in view of the dismantling of the INS and above passage?

● Maharashtra Government approved the conversion of INS into India’s first maritime museum.
● The group approached the apex court to seek No-Objection Certificate for using the material of INS for some production purpose.
● INS was flagship of Indian navy before the commissioning of INS Chakra.
● None of the above.