Passage based Questions on Legal Aptitude SMLAQ016

1. The doctrine ‘volenti nonfit injuria’ is contained in:

A. section 87 of IPC

B. section 88 of IPC

C. section 89 of IPC

D. all the above.

Ans. D

2. The defence of ‘consent’ applies to:

A. private wrongs

B. public wrongs

C. both (a) & (b)

D. neither (a) nor (b).

Ans. A

3. The defence of ‘consent’ is restrictive in its applicability in cases involving:

A. alienable rights

B. inalienable rights

C. both (a) &(b)

D. neither (a) nor (b).

Ans. B

4. The defense of ‘consent’ is not available in cases of:

A. consent to cause death

B. consent to cause grievous hurt

C. both (a) & (b)

D. either (a) or (b).

Ans. C

5. Operation of consent to all offences, short of causing death intentionally, has been extended under:

A. section 88 of IPC

B. section 90 of IPC

C. section 91 of IPC

D. section 87 of IPC.

Ans. A