Passage based Questions on Legal Aptitude SMLAQ025



  1. Which of the following right is an extension of Article 21 of the Constitution of India?

            (a)        Right against handcuffing

            (b)        Right to live with dignity

            (c)        Right to pollution free air

            (d)        All of the above

  1. The right to property was excluded from the list of fundamental rights during the tenure of ……….

            (a)        Charan Singh

            (b)        Morarji desai

            (c)        Indira Gandhi

            (d)        V.P. Singh

  1. A law can be enacted or executive order issued, even contrary to Article 19, during proclamation of emergency

            (a)        Caused by war or external aggression

            (b)        Caused by internal armed rebellion

            (c)        Caused by constitution breakdown

            (d)        Caused by financial crisis

  1. Right under Article 20(3) of the Constitution of India is available to

            (a)        All citizens

            (b)        All persons of Indian origin

            (c)        Any person

            (d)        None of the above

  1. Legal aid for an accused is

            (a)        Fundamental right

            (b)        Legal right

            (c)        Directive Principles of state Policy

            (d)        Discretion of State

  1. “Right to Life” does not include “right to die”. It has been held in a case of

            (a)        R. Rathinam Vs. Union of India

            (b)        State Vs. Sanjay Kumar Bhatia

            (c)        Chenna Jagadeswar Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

            (d)        Smt. Gian Kaur Vs. State of Punjab.