Passage based Questions on Legal Aptitude SMLAQ037

Passage based Questions on Legal Aptitude SMLAQ037

1. Public Holidays are declared under:

a) Negotiable Instruments Act
b) Contract Act
c) Public Employees Act
d) None of the above

2. A person who attest copies is:

a) Notary
b) Nisi Parrius
c) Court Baliff
d) None

3. A right available against a person at large is:

a) Right in personnem
b) Right in Rem
c) right in Pleno
d) Right In Situ

4. 'Vice Versa' means:

(a) In silence
(b) The other way around
(c) Word by Word, exactly
(d) the other way around

5. 'Res gestae' means:

(a) By that very fact
(b) Things done
(c) Against the person
(d) On the face of it

6. ‘Res nullius’ means:

(a) The law about Nobody’s property
(b) The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.
(c) A judge cannot be witness in his own cause.
(d) The judges answer to the law, the jury to the facts.

7. 'Pari passu' means:

(a) Forever, without limit, to infinity.
(b) With an intention of stealing
(c) On an equal footing
(d A guilty deed or act

8. 'Per incuriam’ means:

(a) Out of bindness, voluntary
(b) Having the body
(c) Guilty Mind
(d) through lack of care

9. 'contra’ means:

(a) The body of law dealing with private rights of a citizen.
(b) Goods left without owners
(c) to the contrary
(d) A settlement in which both the sides make concession.

10. What is the meaning of legal term ‘approver’:

a. A conscious associate in a crime
b. A law suit instituted by a guardian
c. According to value
d. An accomplice who turns prosecution witness