Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ006

Analytical Wednesday with Logical Reasoning

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Eight friends Vandana, Aparna, Devika, Arunima, Charu, Nandita, Sagarika and Fatima went shopping.

• Each of them bought shoes from 8 different brands – Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Bata, Nike, Woodland, Lee Cooper and Fila but not necessarily in the same order
• The color of each pair of shoes was different - black, white, brown, pink, Green, grey, blue and purple but not necessarily in the same order
• Devika did not buy the purple color shoes but shopped from Woodland
• Vandana and Charu did not buy brown shoes
• Vandana doesn’t like Puma
• Fatima doesn’t like Fila, but bought a pink pair of shoes
• Aparna’s favourite colour is blue and she bought the shoes of her favorite color
• Nandita shopped at Bata
• Arunima likes Adidas and bought her grey color shoes from there
• The one who shopped at Reebok has brown shoes and the one who bought Green shoes shopped at Puma
• The one who likes Nike bought black shoes

Q 1. Which of the given sets is incorrect?

1. Vandana - Nike - Black
2. Devika - Woodland - White
3. Nandita - Bata - Purple
4. Charu - Bata - Green
5. Arunima - Adidas - Grey

Answer: (4) Charu - Bata - Green

Q 2. Which brand shoes did Devika buy?

1. Woodland
2. Fila
3. Nike
4. Reebok
5. Lee Cooper

Answer: (1) Woodland

Q 3. If Fatima bought shoes from Lee Cooper. What was the color of the shoes she bought?

1. Brown
2. Pink
3. Purple
4. Black
5. Grey

Answer: (2) Pink

Q 4. Which of the below given pairs of shoe brands and their colour is correct?

1. Reebok - Black
2. Puma - Green
3. Nike - Pink
4. Woodland - Green
5. Lee Cooper - Blue

Answer: (2) Puma - Green

Q 5. Which color shoes did Arunima buy?

1. Black
2. Purple
3. White
4. Blue
5. Grey

Answer: (5) Grey