Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ018

Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ018

Directions (Ques. 1-5): Directions (Q22 - Q26): Study the data given below of 7 friends and their choice of mobile phones and based on it, answer the following questions:

• Seven friends, namely Lakshmi, Minal, Neha, Oman, Pankaj, Falguni and Rashmi, use different brands of mobile phones, namely Intex, Oppo, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, One Plus and Moto, but not necessarily in the same order
• Each phone cover is of different colour, namely Red, Blue, White, Brown, Black, Grey and Yellow but not necessarily in the same order
• The colour of Falguni’s phone is Red and she has neither a Nokia nor Apple phone. The Intex phone is of Blue colour
• Lakshmi has an Oppo phone and the colour of her phone is neither Brown nor Black. The Moto phone is of Yellow colour
• The colour of Minal’s phone is Grey. Minal does not have an Apple phone
• Apple phone is not of black colour. Oman has Samsung phone
• The colour of Rashmi’s phone is not Blue. Rashmi does not have an Apple phone. Pankaj does not have an Apple phone.

Q 1. Who among the following owns an Oppo mobile phone?

1. Neha
2. Lakshmi
3. Minal
4. Falguni

Answer: (2) Lakshmi

Q 2. Which of the given combinations is correct?

1. Pankaj - One Plus
2. Oman - Moto
3. Minal - Oppo
4. Neha - Nokia

Answer: (4) Pankaj - Intex

Q 3. Which of the following people owns a red color phone cover?

1. Falguni
2. Neha
3. Minal
4. Rashmi

Answer: (1) Falguni

Q 4. If Oman owns a Samsung phone, what is the colour of its back cover?

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Yellow
4. Black

Answer: (4) Black

Q 5. Which of these own a Nokia phone?

1. Neha
2. Oman
3. Lakshmi
4. Minal

Answer: (4) Minal