Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ032

Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ032

Directions: Read the given information carefully and answer the questions given beside:

In a city, Fruit lane was to the north-west of Jewellery lane. Grocery lane was in the east of fruit lane which was towards the south of vegetable lane. Toy lane was towards the south-west of grocery lane such that it was situated towards the east of Jewellery lane. Clothes lane was 20 km towards the north of Jewellery lane, which was 4 times the distance between Jewellery lane and Toy lane. Inner circle was the mid point between Fruit lane and Grocery lane and also Jewellery lane and Clothes lane.The distance between Vegetable lane and fruit lane was half of the distance between Clothes lane and Inner circle.

1. Vegetable lane is in which direction with respect to the Clothes lane?

A. West
B. East
C. South-west
D. Noth-east

2. If the distance between fruit lane and innner circle is 12m, then find the shortest distance between vegetable lane and clothes lane?

A. 13 m
B. 15 m
C. 20 m
D. Cannot be determined

3. Which of the following is/are towards the south-east of Clothes lane?

A. Fruit lane
B. Toy lane
C. Grocery lane
D. Both options C and B

4. If the straight distance between the Fruit Lane and the Grocery Lane is 14 km, what total distance one needs to cover if one travels from Fruit Lane to Toy Lane via Inner Circle and Jewellery Lane?

A. 16 km
B. 20 km
C. 21 km
D. 22 km

5. Ram was moving to Clothes Lane from Jewellery Lane and Shyam was going to Jewellery Lane from Clothes Lane. They met each other at Inner Circle at 5 in the evening. Towards which direction Ram's shadow will fall?

A. Towards toy lane
B. Towards fruit lane
C. Towards Shyam's right hand
D. Both options B and C are correct.

Correct Answers :

1. C
2. A
3. D
4. D
5. D