Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ043

Questions on Logical Reasoning SMLRQ043

1. The media plays a very important role in the entire criminal justice system. Most people go through their life having little or no direct contact with any law enforcement personnel, but they still think they have a genuine understanding of who the police are and what they are about. They get this idea from what they see and hear through the media, so it is crucial for law enforcement to have good, solid relations with all media outlets. “Media Power” represents the extent to which individuals or groups influence the content of media messages relevant to their interests. As mass media are the primary image builders in contemporary society, an ability to shape the content of media has become central to impression management and public relations.
Which of the following statements strengthens the author’s conclusion?

(a) An underlying propaganda secretly guides media content to achieve the much desired impact on the audience – to increase the television ratings of that particular channel.
(b) Media messages designed to improve or maintain a decent image of the criminal justice system do not ensure popularity of the system among the public
(c) People’s perceptions are fragile and media messages can make or break the public image of an organization.
(d) Underestimating the power of media is equivalent to committing suicide in this competitive world where every company is out there to make maximum profit.

Ans. (c)
Option (a) partially conforms to the argument presented in the paragraph. However, it goes out of context because increasing television ratings is not important for the criminal justice system. Nowhere in the paragraph has the author mentioned the ‘desired impact of the media channel. Option (b) too goes out of context by referring to ‘popularity’, which according to the paragraph is not the goal of the criminal justice system. The system does not have to be popular among the public; it just needs to maintain a genuine image that people can relate to and understand. Therefore, it is not entirely in tune with the goal of the criminal justice system. Option (d) pertains to companies that are making profit and publicizing to outdo their competitors. This, again, is not in line with the image or the requirement of the criminal justice system. This system is not a company that has been set up for the purpose of profit. Option (c) is the only valid option that genuinely strengthens the above paragraph. It explains the general status of perceptions among the public and explains why it is important to maintain those perceptions.

2. You never come in physical contact with anything. Your contact with everything is through your mind, through your nerve fibers, nerve cells, and your entire objective mind. When you feel you see, it is an internal projection with the help of your nerves. It is a mystery that whatever you perceive or whatever you conceive – everything is within you, nothing is outside of you. Hence it is said that the entire universe is within you in miniature form.Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the information above?

(a) Perception is a myth.
(b) Perception is controlled by the mind and is thus fallible.
(c) The universe is experienced through the senses and thus becomes a part of the human mind.
(d) Whatever we experience of the universe is filtered through the mind and is thus a part of it.

Ans. (c)
Option (a) is too general. Option (b) is incorrect as the aspect option ($ is correct as the paragraph suggests that the universe is experienced through the senses and mind and becomes a part of it. Option (d) is close but talks about filtering and fails to talk about the role of our nerve fibers. This makes it less appropriate than (c).

3. A majority of the TB infected in India are poor and lack sufficient nutrition, suitable housing and have little understanding of prevention, TB then devastates families makes the poor poorer, particularly affects women and children, and leads to ostracisation and loss of employment. The truth is that even if TB does not kill them, hunger and poverty will. Another truth is that deep-seated stigma, lack of counselling, expensive treatment and lack of adequate support from providers and family, coupled with torturous side-effects demotivate patients to continue treatment-with disastrous health consequences.
Which one of the following is the most logical, rational and crucial message conveyed by the above passage?

(a) TB is not a curable disease in Indian circumstances
(b) Curing TB requires more than diagnosis and medical treatment.
(c) Government’s surveillance mechanism is deficient and poor people have no access to treatment
(d) India will be free from diseases like TB only when its poverty alleviation programmes are effectively and successfully implemented.

Ans. (b)
The most logical, rational and crucial message is that curing TB requires more than diagnosis and medical treatment. As majority of the TB infected people have little understanding of prevention. If this diagnosed on right time then people can be saved from disastrous health consequences.

4. An increase in human-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could initiate a chain reaction between plants and microorganisms that would unsettle one of the largest carbon reservoirs on the planet-soil. In a study, it was found that the soil, which contains twice the amount of carbon present in all plants and Earth’s atmosphere combined, could become increasingly volatile as people add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This is largely because of increased plant growth. Although, a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, carbon dioxide also supports plant growth. As trees and other vegetation flourish in a carbon dioxide-rich future, their roots could stimulate microbial activity in soil that may in turn accelerate the decomposition of soil carbon and its release into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.
Which among the following is the most logical corollary to the above passage?

(a) Carbon dioxide is essential for the survival of microorganisms and plants
(b) Humans are solely responsible for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
(c) Microorganisms and soil carbon are mainly responsible for the increased plant growth
(d) Increasing green cover could trigger the release of carbon trapped in soil

Ans. (d)
In the passage author says about the effect of increased carbon dioxide. Increase in concentration of carbon dioxide will start chain reaction between plants and microorganisms which will finally destabilized the carbon trapped in the soil. Soil contains more than double amount of carbon present in plants and atmosphere combined. When more carbon dioxide is present in atmosphere, then there will eb more plant growth and these plants will support microorganisms in soil. Finally, these microorganisms cause carbon to convert into carbon dioxide and this CO2 will release into atmosphere from the soil. So, conclusion can be made from passage that the increasing plant cover can also cause the release of carbon from soil.