Questions On Quantitative Techniques SMQTQ005

Tricky Tuesday with Quantitative Techniques

Directions: Study the following tab le chart carefully and answer the questions given beside.

In a One day Series of five matches with Australia, total five batsman, one all-rounder and five bowlers played the matches from India. Following table gives the Information about number of runs scored by Different Batsmen including all-rounder of India in Different Matches.

In the following table, only Ravindra Jadeja was all – rounder and the remaining were batsmen.
It is known that:

• Total runs in any match = Total runs by all batsmen (Including all – rounder) + total runs by bowlers Run Rate = Total runs scored by a team/total number of overs they played

If in any question, it is written that total runs scored by batsmen, then include runs scored by all-rounder also and if it is written that runs scored by bowlers, then exclude the runs scored by all-rounders and consider the runs scored by five bowlers only.

fig 1

1. In Match 1 , Australia won the toss and decided to bowl first. Number of runs scored by Indian bowlers is 10% of the runs scored by Indian batsmen (Including all-rounder).If Australia scored 241 runs in 42 overs. What will be the required run rate for Australia in remaining 8 overs to win the match?

A. 13.75 B. 12.50 C. 9 D. 11.25 E. 10.50

2. If total runs scored by all bowlers (excluding all-rounder) in any match is less than 35, then Which of the total runs by Indian team is not possible?

A. 376 B. 349 C. 380 D. 322 E. 344

3. Total runs scored by Virat Kohli is what percent more than the total score of Rohit Sharma?

A. 19.10% B. 22.22% C. 26.67% D. 13.33% E. 29.90%

4. In the fourth match Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. They set a target of some runs. In the Second Inning, ratio of runs scored by Indian bowlers to that of batsmen is 9.5 : 83. India lost the match by 19 runs. If the Australian bowlers scored 22 more than that of Indian bowlers, then find the percentage contribution of Australian Batsmen in total runs ?

A. 77.77% B. 87.47% C. 92.67% D. 84.57% E. 81.77%

5. What is the difference between average of runs scored by Shikhar Dhawan and average of runs scored by MS Dhoni in five matches?

A. 5.4 B. 3.8 C. 5.9 D. 5.1 E. 4.75


Correct Answers:

1. D
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. A