Questions On Quantitative Techniques SMQTQ006

Tricky Tuesday with Quantitative Techniques

Directions: To identify and treat people with COVID-19, numbers of tests were conducted on people. The bar chart below shows the data for four countries

The bar chart gives information about:
• Numbers of tests in thousand for each one lakh population in a day,
• Number of people as percentage, who were found positive to test, and
• The number of people who were found positive and needed Ventilators, as they were critically affected due to the virus.
• Data regarding number of Tests, Positive outcomes and Critical Patients who need ventilators in four countries


1. Find average number of tests per day per lakh in the four countries.

A. 12000 B. 10000 C. 14000
D. 15000 E. 16000

2. Find the numbers of tests USA and Italy together conducted if 3012 lakh and 720 lakh people respectively were living in these two countries.

A. 452.18 lakh B. 151.48 lakh C. 231.28 lakh
D. 151.48 lakh E. 551.28 lakh

3. China tested 80000 people per day for 20 days. How many people were found positive in China in these 20 days?

A. 162500 B.176000 C. 168500
D. 212500 E. 222000

4. In Spain, 5760 were found positive on a particular day. Find how many tests were conducted that day.

A. 54000 B. 48000 C. 72000
D. 36000 E. 84000

5. Find average number of ventilators for all the four countries together if 1 lakh people are tested in each of the four countries.

A. 288 B. 336 C. 120
D. 432 E. 264

Correct Answers:

1. D
2. E
3. B
4. C
5. A