Questions On Quantitative Techniques SMQTQ033

Questions On Quantitative Techniques SMQTQ033

Directions: Read the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.

Q1. Two candidates A and B participated in DUSU election 20% of total voting was declared invalid candidate A got 60% of valid votes and get elected by majority of 28,800 votes. Find the total voting.

(a) 1,20,000
(b) 1,80,000
(c) 90,000
(d) 72,000

Q2. In an election between two candidates 68 votes declared invalid. Winning candidate got 52% of valid votes and gets elected by majority of 98 votes. Find the total votes.

(a) 2518
(b) 2450
(c) 3200
(d) 3280

Q3. A candidate scores 25% and fails by 30 marks, while another candidate who scores 50% marks, gets 20 marks more than the minimum required marks to pass the examination. Find the maximum marks for the examination.

(a) 200
(b) 120
(c) 300
(d) 350

Q4. A man covered one-third part of a journey at an average speed of a km/hr, next one-third part of the journey at an average speed of b km/hr and rest part of a journey at an average speed of c km/hr. Find his average speed of during the whole journey?

(a) abc/3(ab+bc+ca) km/hr
(b) abc/(a+b+c) km/hr
(c) 3abc/(ab+bc+ca) km/hr
(d) 1/3 abc km/hr

Q5. Two trains are running at the speed 40 km/hr and 20 km/hr respectively in the same direction. The fast train completely passes a man sitting in the slow train in 5 seconds. The length of the fast train is

(a) 23 1⁄9 m
(b) 27 m
(c) 27 7⁄9 m
(d) 23 m

Correct Answers :

1. B
2. A
3. A
4. C
5. C