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Lockdown Strategies for all Law, Read Entrance Exam Preparation Tips Article only on Success Mantra Blog

Lockdown Strategies for all Law aspirants

Diksha Sharma 5 MINUTES

The lockdown and uncertainty around Law Entrance 2021 are affecting the candidates. What should they do to stay focused and don’t get bogged down?

Amid the nationwide lockdown, thanks to the coronavirus, Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has postponed the important Law entrance examination 2021 till further notice. The new dates of CLAT 2021 are going to be released possibly by Mid July, 2021.

The lockdown has affected the physical and psychological state of Law aspirants disturbing their whole study schedule, creating an uncertainty about the exam and most significantly affecting the main target of students who now have to indulge in other household chores, aside from their studies.

There are certain strategies which, if adopted by the students, are often the foremost effective use of lockdown for all Law aspirants:

  • Create a customized Day Plan, break your day plan into smaller fragments of half-hour . After every half-hour, take a brief break to refresh, then revisit it.
  • Try to have a fanatical study place.
  • Join a couple of additional Mock Tests and identify your strong and weak areas.
  • Make the most of this point to figure on weak areas.
  • Take a break from watching, reading, or taking note of news, including social networks. Listening about the spread of the virus infection multiple times throughout the day is often disturbing.

Apart from study oriented tips, law aspirants should also look out for their physical condition as well as psychological state. They ought to incorporate some breathing exercises, yoga, meditation into their day to day lives. It'll ease down their stress, providing them the mental strength to focus upon their study affairs.