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Prepration tips for CLAT 2020

Chetan Jaiswal 10 Minutes



It is always better to start early if you want to ace CLAT with good score. Still we do come up with a Rankers strategy which will really be helpful in your Law entrance exam preparation.


  • Exam pattern and syllabus clarity: There should be a clarity of what to study for CLAT 2020 exam preparation. Understanding of the CLAT 2019 Previous Year Paper & expected 2020 syllabus as well as exam pattern is important. When a law aspirant knows the syllabus, he(she) can know how much to study for the national-level law exam. Everyone has his(her) own strength and weakness and same strategy can not be applied to all cases. 


  • Regular Revision : Revising is always important. When you revise, you brush-up the already read facts, which further helps in memorising it. It also assist you in practicing more examples and coming out with better speed of answering questions. It is well known fact that if you know something, less are the chances of error and better is the productivity. 


  • Mock Test: The mock tests are the best way to check the understanding of the subjects, topics and questions in which the law aspirants lag behind. Classrooms will equip you with knowledge part but the drill sessions will make you ready for the D day. Mental preparation for the actual CLAT 2020 exam day is tested through all india test series only.


  • Social Media: You should come to facebook or whatsapp only after the completiton of the task of that day. Do not waste time on social media and keep other gadgets like tablets, mobiles e.t.c. away while you  seriously prepare for exam like CLAT. Online content is good source of knowledge but it also diverts your mind to needless gossips.


  • Extensive Reading: You must be in a habit of eclectic reading. Read more and more to improve the language. Read books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and novels (preferably non-fictions) to enhance your word power and make your expression lucid.


  • Stay Positive : You will have to learn to think positive and stay positive. Remove negative thoughts from your mind, by pursuing things that interest you a lot. Yoga and meditation can be a big stress buster.


  • Speed and Accuracy : It is the essential tool for clearing any Law Entrance Exams. Always try to attempt those questions in which you are sure of your answers. Prevent any negative marking. You will find more articles in coming future in which we will talk upon how to work upon Speed & Accuracy. 


  • Time Management: During the exam preparation days, focus on the amount of time you take for a particular question, will lead you towords success. The strategy which you derive out of drill sessions while writing mocks will make you learn upon this factor. Students must remember that never waste your time attempting the questions which you are not confident of solving.


  • Believe in Yourself: Before appearing in an exam, candidate Believe in yourself because if you dream it you will make it sure.