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Scope of Undergraduate Management Courses, Success Mantra Coaching Institute, Best Coaching Institute For BBA Located In GTB Nagar Delhi

Scope of BBA

Diksha Sharma 5 MINUTES

Scope of Undergraduate Management Courses

With the globalization taking a driver’s seat, India has become a second home to many Multi-National Companies (MNCs). The corporate culture is expanding its purview, and as a matter of fact many government organizations are working towards bringing a corporate culture in their system.  In fact recently, the government has invited experienced people from different sectors to apply for the post of Joint Secretary, and allow a lateral entry into the system. For the uninitiated, the post of Joint secretary is an IAS level post. This is just one of the examples of the paradigm shift happening in the ideologies of the organizations. Thus, organizations are on a hunt of looking out for the individuals who have the required skill sets to work in a corporate culture. Ultimately, this also reduces the training costs incurred by the organizations, and such set of people are people are classified as ‘ASSETS’ for an establishment.

An undergraduate management course trains the students to work in a corporate environment. They are taught the basic skills required by an individual for their  survival in today’s multifaceted organizational culture. Students are given a glimpse into all the major functional specialization of an organization such as finance, marketing, human resources and operations etc.  They are taught the basics of an organization, its working, hierarchy, importance of team work, leadership. They study and analyse real-life situations and case studies  that help them master the art of critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills.

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