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Mistakes to avoid during Law Entrance exam preparation, Read Entrance Exam Preparation Tips Article only on Success Mantra Blog

Mistakes to avoid during Law Entrance exam preparation

Diksha Sharma 5 MINUTES

The law entrance exams are one of the most competitive law exams in the country. The exams require the candidates to be confident and well prepared. With 90 days in hand to be prepared and to be able to be among the top scorers, one needs proper preparation and avoids some of the common mistakes that most candidates make.

The mistakes that candidates make can be due to various reasons like lack of guidance, poor strategy, lesser devotion and many more. Here, some of the most common mistakes are mentioned along with tips to avoid them. These strategies are sure to help the law entrance aspirants to have a more effective law preparation and they can ace the exam easily-



Not being through with basics

Law Entrance questions are very fundamental in nature. If you are not revising your basics, especially in Maths and Legal Aptitude, you might fall into a trap. These sections are very tricky and you need to be in constant touch of your subject basics. You should keep on revising the related topics till the end.

Not having a master study plan

90 days does sound a sense of urgency. The first step in formulating a plan would be to understand the sections that are questioned in the Law Entrance exam. The sections consist of questions from Quantitative Techniques, English Language, Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning and Legal Reasoning. Taking a mock paper first is the best way to begin. This will help you get a black and white picture of what you know and what you need to work on. Your study structure should focus on your weaknesses but don’t forget to brush up your mastered sections.

Citing pressure from work and not managing emotions

Ignoring emotions like stress, lack of motivation and frustration can be dangerous to your Law Entrance preparation. The Law Entrance exam requires you to be good at dealing with your emotions.

Most of the time, the negative attitude is related to the preparation itself. There are some reasons for that:

Not being able to score better

Not being able to compete with fellow students

Focus is missing

If you find yourself in this state, it’s better to take help. You can always talk to your mentors or a counselor. There is a lot of stress, undoubtedly, while preparing for competitive exams in India.

Leaving the doubts unaddressed

Doubts are something which need to be learnt. Without clearance of doubts, your preparation plan is half hearted and certainty to qualify the exam is missing.

Not writing and evaluating the Mocks

Many candidates assume that just by mastering a chapter, they will be able to get a great score in Law Entrance and get the college of their dreams. Sadly, this is not true. Mock tests are the second step to your Law Entrance preparation.

Mocks help you develop the temperament of the actual Law Entrance exam

They let you develop a strategy to attempt the Law Entrance exam

They let you know your strengths and weakness

Mock tests also tell you where you stand in the competition

The ideal frequency of mock tests during the preparation stages is 1 mock per week. When you have finished your chapters and the time for revision has come (usually last month before Law Entrance) the frequency of mock tests can be increased to 2-3 mock per week.

Similarly, by analyzing, you can improve your Law Entrance score, which is the ultimate purpose of all the preparation. Do not make this common mistake in Law Entrance preparation.